viernes, 17 de enero de 2014

Program Leader for Rustic Pathways

Program Leader for Rustic Pathways' "Marine Life and Dolphin Conservation" program. Must have a background in either marine biology or conservation.

You are responsible for ensuring a life-changing experience for every student on your programs. This entails properly managing risk and prioritizing the safety of your students, co-leaders, and yourself; implementing Rustic Pathways’ Core Learning Values & Framework; promoting positive group dynamics; providing appropriate supervision and being available for students 24-hours a day throughout the duration of the program; and creating a positive work environment for other staff members. You have the opportunity to engage with amazing communities and change the lives of youth across the globe.


Please do not submit your nickname as you must indicate your full legal first, middle and last name on the application.
Please remember that you must include submit both your resume and cover letter with this application.