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Islands off the Maine Coast (Downeast and Mid-coast)
Start date May 5 or May 19. End date for all positions is August 8
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Job Description:
Field researchers (island supervisors and technicians) are needed to monitor seabird colonies on islands along the Maine coast. Multiple positions will be available. Start date May 5 or May 19. End date for all positions is August 8, 2014. This is a great opportunity to work closely with experienced biologists, help with exciting research and get hands-on experience in the field. Seabird species to be studied include: common, Arctic, and roseate terns, common eider, laughing gulls, black guillemot, Leach's storm-petrel, Atlantic puffin, and razorbills. While living on the islands, researchers will: conduct an annual census of all nesting seabird species, monitor productivity, observe chick feedings, trap and band adult seabirds, band chicks, read adult bands, and monitor predators and competitors. We are looking for people who are willing to learn new techniques, have a solid work ethic, can function well independently, yet are comfortable working/living with other researchers on remote islands, often under harsh weather conditions. Prior experience with bird identification and ecology is recommended, but may not be required. Self-motivation, a strong work ethic, enthusiasm for science, and ability to tackle the rigors of field work (long hours) are a must. Salary: Yet to be determined, GS1-GS5 (varies with level of responsibility). Housing provided in lighthouse keepers' houses or cabins, with propane lights and refrigerators, limited solar electricity for computers, no running water. Candidates must be at least 18 years old, a US Citizen, have Social Security Number, and a US Bank account for electronic payments.
To Apply:
Job announcements will appear on sometime between January and March. For more information, and to request notification of the pending announcement dates, contact MICHAEL LANGLOIS at Maine Coastal Islands NWR, P.O. Box 1735, 9 Water Street, Rockland, ME 04841 (PH: 207-594-0600 ext.3 or EM: Other Opportunities: Seabird island internships (with stipend) are also available. Contact Michael Langlois at the addresses above for more information.Check out the refuge's website at and the blog describing the experiences of previous island researchers at
Applicants must be willing and capable of: working as part of a team, have a solid work ethic and can function well independently, living in shared quarters on a remote island, working long hours outdoors in variable weather conditions, is able to hike over rugged, uneven terrain and lift and carry 50 pounds. Preferred qualifications include experience in identifying birds, locating nests, conducting surveys, and small mammal trapping experience desired but not required.