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Science and Volunteer Coordinator Ecuador

Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation
Lalo Loor Dry Forest Reserve, Jama, Ecuador

The Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation is hiring a full-time resident coordinator of scientific research and volunteer programs at the Bosque Seco Lalo Loor Reserve (Lalo Loor Dry Forest Reserve) in coastal Ecuador. The selected candidate will carry out, coordinate and supervise ongoing conservation research projects that involve volunteers and community members, including:
• Howler Monkey Demographics and Behavioral Ecology
• Wildlife Mortality Surveys (Road Impact)
• Camera Trapping and Wildlife Surveys
• Long-term Forest Dynamics and Reforestation Plots
• Community-based Water Quality Monitoring
• Projects TBD

Bosque Seco Lalo Loor (BSLL) is a 200 ha forest reserve, protecting one of the last remnants of coastal semi-deciduous forest in Ecuador. The habitat comprises a mix of dry and wet forest, with 2 species of monkeys, 180 species of birds, and notable mammals such as peccaries, tamanduas, and ocelots. Reserve goals include protection of the forest, promotion of environmental education, and research that supports conservation and management objectives. The Science and Volunteer Coordinator will live at the reserve, and in addition to assisting volunteers, will carry out research while volunteers are not present. Additional tasks include:
• logistical management for volunteers, interns and researchers (lodging, food, transportation with Reserve staff)
• ensuring safety and supervision of Ceiba interns and volunteers
• helping to manage new projects as they develop
• updating volunteer and research listings and promoting research opportunities at the reserve.

Required Qualifications:
• At least a BA or BSc in Biology, Ecology, Conservation, Environmental Science or similar
• Strong science background and/or prior experience in field research
• Fluency in Spanish
• Experience and/or strong interest in working with international volunteers and local people
• Strong desire to gain experience carrying out and managing scientific research projects
• Team-oriented attitude
• Desire to live in nature, in a rustic bamboo building
• One year minimum commitment

Desired Qualifications:
• MS in Tropical Ecology or similar
• 1-2 years of experience as a field biologist
• WFA certification
• Prior tropical work experience

Compensation: $500/month + food and lodging. Salary is based on cost of living in Ecuador.
Start Date: between 15th and 31st of July 2014

To Apply: Please send cover letter, resume or CV, and three references to
Application Deadline: 20 June 2014

Ceiba Information: