domingo, 30 de mayo de 2010

Senior Consultant Draft Duties Description (May 6, 2010 version)

Flight of the Butterfly IMAX 3D Film Sinking Funds Campaign

The Mexican Fund for the Conservation of Nature (hereafter, FMCN) is looking for a senior consultant or individual to participate over a 3-4 month period in the closing of the sinking funds campaign (9 million dollars) earmarked for the production of the Flight of the Butterflies Imax 3D Film (the Film). The position is responsible for managing a focused fundraising campaign that is underway to secure $6 million dollars from Mexican Government sources and $3 million in private funds to support the creation and distribution of the Film. The ultimate goal of this effort is to use the Film and its associated marketing and educational programs as a platform to promote Mexico’s monarch butterfly population as a national treasure and raise funds for the conservation of their over-wintering habitats in Mexico and sustainable livelihoods for the resident communities.
Extensive contacts and interest in the funding of this project has already been generated in both the government and private sector. Both the Ministers of Tourism of the Federal Government and the State of Mexico have verbally confirmed their donations of $1 million dollars each. The State of Michoacán has confirmed their verbal participation with donation amount pending. Support from the highest levels of Government including the Office of the President is being sought at this time to ensure the alignment and cooperation of the other Federal dependencies (SEMARNAT, SAGARPA, SEP and CDI) that will donate public funds. A plan is being developed by Chora llc, the fundraising consultants, to solicit the private sector for the remaining $3 million. As of today many Mexican corporations and individuals are aware of the project.
The role of this position is to coordinate the final solicitation and closing of this $9 million fundraising drive and to establish the mechanisms and methods to receive, manage, monitor, and account for the collection and distribution of these donated funds. In addition, the incumbent will establish the means and methods to collect and distribute profits from the film to the conservation of the Monarchs in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in close coordination with the existing programs by FMCN in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve.
This position reports directly to the Executive Director of FMCN and will work closely with the Advisory Committee, consisting of María Elena Gutiérrez of fundraising consultant Chora, Jonathan Barker of SK Films (co-producer and distributor of the Film), FMCN Consultant Javier Casas, a SECTUR representative and the Executive Director of FMCN.

1. Plan and establish management policies, practices, and methods to accountably receive and distribute funds raised from the public and private sector to produce and implement the Flight of the Butterflies film and educational initiative.
2. Work directly with the Executive Director of FMCN to plan and implement effective strategies to complete the fundraising campaign for $6 million in government funds and $3 million in private funds to support the Flight of the Butterflies project.
3. Meet directly with government representatives to negotiate and complete agreements governing the receiving by FMCN and distribution to the Film Producer of government funds dedicated to the completion of the Flight of the Butterflies project.
4. Provide initiative and leadership in planning and implementing actions required to secure funding commitments in the next 2 months and to secure the funds by September 1, 2010.
5. Develop, schedule, budget, materials and presentations and coordinate the tasks and actions of the Executive Director required to secure the government and private funds required to complete the Flight of the Butterflies project.
6. Report regularly to the Executive Director and the Advisory Committee on progress, results, issues, and strategies for the project.
7. Develop in coordination with the Conservation Area within FMCN (in charge of program operation) reporting and monitoring methods to ensure that raised funds are managed, distributed and expended in a manner consistent with all laws, generally accepted accounting procedures, and gift agreement and contract terms and conditions.

• Skill in managing in a fast-paced, creative but stressful environment, often working within deadlines and budgetary constraints.
• Ability to counsel the Executive Director of FMCN and coordinate his involvement in order to ensure maximum performance and effectiveness in the steady completion of the Flight of the Butterflies fundraising campaign;
• Expertise in management skills, including interpersonal relationships and communications skills, organization and decision making skills, planning and strategic management skills, leadership skills and financial planning skills.
• Reasonable knowledge of government protocol, procedures and nomenclature.
• High degree of competence and skill in verbal and written communications, enabling the Incumbent to diplomatically and persuasively negotiate agreements, resolve conflict, and encourage performance and results from colleagues and donors over which the incumbent has no line of authority.
• Ability to learn fast, plan, schedule, coordinate, organize and implement complex tasks and responsibilities simultaneously.
• Skill in fostering good will among staff, volunteers, donors, and colleagues diplomatically resolving issues in a timely manner.
• English speaking and writing at a 100 % level.
• Competence in outsourcing legal counsel and other professional skills essential for the successful completion of the campaign.
• Availability to travel as needed (US and Canada Visa) in México and abroad.

El interesado deberá enviar a la atención de Ximena Yáñez al correo electrónico, a más tardar el viernes 4 de junio a las 8:00 p.m, los siguientes documentos:
1. Curriculum Vitae con carta de presentación.
2. Un ensayo -en inglés- que describa cómo ha aplicado, en su vida laboral, el conocimiento y las habilidades que requiere dicho puesto.

La contratación se llevará a cabo mediante un contrato de prestación de servicios independientes entre el Fondo Mexicano para la Conservación de la Naturaleza, A.C. y el interesado.