sábado, 1 de mayo de 2010

Madagascar-Wildlife Conservation Society Marine Technical Director

Job Type: full-time permanent position

Opportunity location: Antananarivo

Closing date (if specified): 8 Jun 2010

Opportunity Description:

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) seeks a Marine Technical Director to lead its marine conservation efforts in Madagascar. The program goal is to promote marine conservation in Madagascar by developing and leading science-based, community-driven field conservation and capacity building programs in priority seascapes, which focus on priority species, sustainable fisheries management and adaptive management in the face of climate change. These site-based initiatives will serve as models for affective marine conservation to inform national marine conservation strategic development. The marine conservation program primarily focuses on: i) working closely with local communities to protect coastal and marine systems, included targeted species and over-all ecosystem integrity; ii) providing specific expertise on adaptation to climate change and sustainable management of coastal fisheries; iii) supporting a global effort to conserve threatened populations of coastal and oceanic cetaceans; iv) training and capacity building in marine conservation within and external to WCS, and participation in overall marine conservation planning and prioritization in Madagascar. The position is based in the capital city of Antananarivo, and will require extensive travel within Madagascar to priority programs in the northeast (Antongil Bay), the southwest (Toliara Barrier Reef) and the Northwest. The WCS Madagascar Marine Director position is a full-time position with benefits.

For more info, contact:

To apply, please email cover letter and CV with subject “Madagascar Marine Director” to recruitment@wcs.org, and marineprogram@wcs.org, by June 8, 2010.