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Small Mammal Internship, Finland

Title: Small Mammal Internship, Finland
Agency: Finnish Forest Research Institute - METLA
Location: Suonenjoki, Finland
Job Description: The internship position available is to join the team working on the ongoing research project “Individual health and dynamics of natural populations”. The project addresses the roles of food quantity and quality as determinants of the physiological and immunological health state of individuals and how variation in these factors predisposes individuals to parasite and pathogen infection and ultimately reflects onto population dynamics. As a model species we use the field vole, Microtus agrestis, which in northern Europe exhibits pronounced multiannual population cycles. The intern will assist in live and snap trapping, dissections, laboratory diagnostic tests and feeding/maintaining voles breeding in the lab and in field enclosures.
Be in pursuit of or have achieved a degree in Ecology, Zoology, Natural Resources, Parasitology or a similar field. Be experienced in good laboratory practice and fieldwork. Willingness to work in harsh conditions. Have a positive attitude and good sense of humor. Be willing to work long flexible hours and travel (transport and housing will be supplied). Ability to work as a member of a team.
Have experience trapping and handling small mammals. Have wildlife dissection experience. Experience in molecular techniques. Possess a full driver’s license.

Starting date will be early in May and last into August with potential for expansion. Housing will be provided.

Please send a cover letter stating your interest in the project and addressing the qualifications , resume, and three references to with Internship in the subject line.

Salary: Housing provided. If you are aware of potential funding you are eligible for, assistance to your application will be provided.
Last Date to apply: April 2nd 2012
Contact: Dr. Peter Stuart
E-mail: (Preferred)

For more info, contact:
Contact: Dr. Peter Stuart
E-mail: (Preferred)