viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012

Philippines and Micronesia Conservation Internship

From April 2012 we have 1 vacancy for well-qualified graduates to work as field-based interns on the C3 Philippines and Micronesia Programme.

You will be working from our field station on the remote Busuanga Island in Northern Palawan, a biodiversity hotspot and home to one of the last remaining Dugong populations in the Philippines. This area is renowned for its outstanding natural beauty and surrounded by high limestone pinnacles that hide a maze of lagoons and pristine reefs.

Conservation Focus
Our work will begin by focusing on the dugong population and other endangered species' interactions with small scale fisheries. Your internship will involve both canoe-based observation and research of dugongs in the field as well as working within communities to help implement locally-driven marine resource management activities.

Major threats to dugongs in Philippines come from habitat loss and degradation and fishing pressure/ by-catch. The Philippines archipelago and more specifically Busuanga Island host wide areas of seagrass beds which are unfortunately being degraded due to natural processes and anthropogenic activities.
We hope to use these data to develop community-driven monitoring and management plans over the coming year to help conserve these species.

How to Apply

For all internship positions candidates should send in a CV and brief cover letter to Sarah Duddigan:

See for more details and please read the Internship Brief before applying.

Please state in your application:
• Where you heard about C3
• Details of the experience you have either living / working / traveling in developing countries
• Your level of English
• Your level of qualification

Applicants may also be interested in reading testimonials from ex-interns who have a blog at, or joining our Facebook group for recent news and photos from our programmes.