viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012

Madagascar and Indian Ocean Islands Conservation Internship

From April 2012 we have 2 vacancies for a well-qualified graduate to work as an intern on the C3 Madagascar and Indian Ocean Islands Programme

You will be based predominantly in a coastal field camp, working closely with Madagascar National Parks and coastal communities to deliver capacity-building, research and public outreach campaigns about marine conservation issues with opportunities to conduct turtle monitoring research, and coastal habitat mapping, throughout the North West region.

Conservation Focus
Following 5 years of highly successful community-driven marine resource management initiatives in the Indian Ocean Islands, C3 has developed a strong regional network of projects. With the chance for hands-on socio-economic and ecological field research (including turtle and dugong monitoring), capacity-building for local partner institutions, design and implementation of social marketing campaigns and a chance for keen writers to publish research findings, this internship provides a well-rounded and practical experience perfect for building a career in international marine

With a relatively low population pressure and some of the most important biodiversity in Madagascar, the North West region is becoming a focal point for conservation efforts. Sea turtle populations are in decline worldwide and listed as endangered throughout their range. Building local capacity through education and informed research will be critical to their future survival.

How to Apply

For all internship positions candidates should send in a CV and brief cover letter to Sarah Duddigan:

See for more details and please read the Internship Brief before applying.

Please state in your application:
• Where you heard about C3
• Details of the experience you have either living / working / traveling in developing countries
• Your level of English
• Your level of qualification

Applicants may also be interested in reading testimonials from ex-interns who have a blog at, or joining our Facebook group for recent news and photos from our programmes.