viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012

Fiji and South Pacific Islands Conservation Internship

Fiji and South Pacific Islands Conservation Internship

From April 2012 we have 2 vacancies for well-qualified graduates to work as field-based interns on the C3 Fiji and South Pacific Islands Programme.

You will be working from our beach based field site with a remote community on the island of Kia. Sheltered by the Great Sea Reef, the third largest barrier reef in the world, Kia is of particular significance because the community is appointed as the traditional fishers (gonedau) for Tui Macuata.

Conservation Focus
The first phase of this work is the documentation of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and socioeconomic importance of the reef and its fishery resources. The next stage is to examine the most important fisheries more closely (e.g. invertebrates, women in fisheries, turtle harvest and coral reefs). This work will involve both fisheries dependent and independent protocols, including landing site monitoring, in-water assessments of key reef species such as the Humphead Wrasse and the evaluation of CPUE.

With Western influences putting increasing pressure on traditional practices the documentation and recording of TEK is of paramount importance. Communities such as those on Kia have been successfully managing their local fisheries for generations. This 'know how' will be critical in helping to develop community-driven monitoring and management plans not only in Fiji, but in many other small developing island nations.

How to Apply

For all internship positions candidates should send in a CV and brief cover letter to Sarah Duddigan:

See for more details and please read the Internship Brief before applying.

Please state in your application:
• Where you heard about C3
• Details of the experience you have either living / working / traveling in developing countries
• Your level of English
• Your level of qualification

Applicants may also be interested in reading testimonials from ex-interns who have a blog at, or joining our Facebook group for recent news and photos from our programmes.