miércoles, 31 de diciembre de 2014

Field asistants Peru

We are seeking highly motivated and driven field assistants to help with monitoring of felid activity as part of a larger project on primate predator-prey dynamics in Amazonia Peru. For project details visit www.theriskymonkey.com. Assistants will help check camera traps on a regular basis, enter camera trap data into database software, and track ocelots via radio telemetry. This is an ideal opportunity for students with a background in biology, ecology, animal behavior, or wildlife conservation. This kind of fieldwork is physically demanding and requires long days of hiking, but it is incredibly rewarding. All research is conducted at the Los Amigos Biological Station in Southeastern Peru - http://www.amazonconservation.org/ourwork/research_los_amigos.html.

Research assistants will learn to:
• Track ocelots using radio telemetry
• Conduct basic spatial analyses of telemetry data
• Collect scat for dietary analysis
• Operate and maintain remote camera traps
• Identify animals and manage camera trap database
• Photograph and measure felid tracks

The qualifications we are looking for in a research assistant are:
• Degree or expected degree in biology, ecology, zoology, or wildlife conservation
• Good physical and mental health
• Capable of hiking for 8+ hours a day
• Committed and positive attitude
• Comfortable living under basic conditions and being far away from family/friends
• No fear of insects, snakes, etc.
• Do well in hot environments
• Be comfortable with tracking ocelots at night
• Eagerness to learn data collection methods
• Ability to use Excel for data entry

This is a volunteer position. Assistants can expect to pay:
• Round-trip international airfare to Peru (cost varies)
• Round-trip domestic airfare from Lima to Puerto Maldonado, Peru (avg. $365)
• Local transportation to field site (taxi and boat fare avg. $45 each way)
• Field station fees, includes dorm room, 3 meals/day and snacks ($775/month)
Assistants are also responsible for purchasing and providing proof of international health insurance. Vaccinations against typhoid, yellow fever, and hepatitis are strongly recommended. Assistants must also sign liability waivers for the project and field station prior to travel.

Terms of appointment:
A minimum commitment of two-months is required to participate on the project. Assistants staying longer than 4 months may be partially reimbursed (dependent on project funding) for air travel upon successful completion of their volunteer term.

Application Deadline:
This project is ongoing until August 2015. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Contact Information:
To apply for this position please send the following information to Dara Adams at adams.1238@osu.edu and/or darabadams@gmail.com:
1) CV - please include relevant coursework, research and field experience.
2) 1 to 2 page letter of intent, which specifies when and for how long you are willing to work on the project, why you are interested in participating, your qualifications, and what you plan to do after completion of the internship.
3) 2 reference letters from individuals familiar with your academic performance or research work. Reference letters should be sent directly by the recommenders.