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January 24 – February 1, 2015
February 4 – February 13, 2015
Raven Adventures Marine Conservation Survey is an international effort to gather much needed scientific data regarding present environmental / biological conditions found in the Loreto area of the Sea of Cortez. Participants will assist our Mexican conservation partner GEA (Grupos Ecologistas Antares) with multiple marine transects (above and below the surface) as well as other biological investigations in an effort to better understand the fragile ecosytem of the Sea of Cortez. Volunteers may be exposed to an abundant number of marine life including whale species such as the blue, sperm, brydes, humpback, finback, orca and pilot whale. Dolphins and sea lions can also be found in high numbers throughout the study site. All data collected will be available to the local Marine Park of Loreto as well as various nature conservation programs operating in the area.

The program cost is $950 per person for the 10 day session and is limited to 4 participants . The cost includes food, camping accommodations, camping gear, and safety equipment such as PFDs. Volunteers will be responsible for their flight/bus to/from Loreto, Mexico. We have years of experience traveling to Baja and may be able to give you some pointers on how to save some money with plane or bus tickets.

Contact Information:
No previous experience is needed, but volunteers assisting us in the remote areas of Baja will want to have a “go with the flow attitude”, be willing to share a small tent with another participant, possibly ride in the back of pick up trucks, wade into deep mud, and participate in camp life such as cooking, cleaning, and logistical chores.

Please contact Colin Garland at colin@ravenadventures.com to ensure there is still space on the session of your choice and follow the application instructions on our website.