jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2014

Graduate Position in marine mammal acoustics, conservation, oceanography - Nova Scotia

The Department of Oceanography at Dalhousie University (Dal), in collaboration with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), and supported by the NSERC-NCE Marine Environment Observation Predication and Response network (MEOPAR), invites graduate applications for Doctoral studies in marine bioacoustics, conservation and oceanography as part of the WHaLE project (Whales, Habitat and Listening Experiment) that involves collaboration with partners in the ocean technology, governmental, and conservation sectors.
• http://meopar.ca/meopar-meeting-ocean-challenges-via-seven-new-research-projects/ ; twitter: @meoparwhale

The successful candidate, co-advised by Drs CT Taggart (Dal) and M Baumgartner (WHOI), will focus on ocean glider-mounted passive acoustics monitoring with applications to real-time mariner warning systems, quantifying spatial and temporal variation in right, sei, fin, and humpback whale occurrence and associated oceanographic variation, comparing whale vocalization rate data with other archival acoustic and survey-based whale sightings data, and assisting in building whale species-classification libraries. Ideal applicants should have a Master’s degree, a strong academic record and publication(s) in quantitative-oceanography, -physics, -engineering, -acoustics, -mathematics, -statistics, or quantitative-ecology. Fluency in at least one programming language (e.g., MatLab, R, Python, C, FORTRAN) is required. Experience with field work, data-analytics, remote sensing technologies, autonomous underwater vehicles, oceanography and/or acoustics (passive or active) will be an asset.
• http://fishocean.ocean.dal.ca/
• www.whoi.edu/sites/mbaumgartner/
The candidate will be tenured at Dal and will be expected to take up short-term residency in Baumgartner’s Lab and likely course work at WHOI. Potential applicants should familiarise themselves with Oceanography at Dal and the details concerning graduate studies and degree requirements.
• http://www.dal.ca/faculty/science/oceanography.html
• http://www.dal.ca/faculty/science/oceanography/programs/graduate-studies.html
As a member of MEOPAR, the candidate will participate as a 'MEOPeer' (www.meopeers.ca) wherein practical, leadership, and networking training will help prepare them for a research career.
Application deadline is 01 Dec 2014 and will be extended if a suitable candidate has not been identified. The successful candidate will ideally start on 05 January 2015 and no later than 01 May 2015. An annual stipend of $20,000 (minimum) for tuition and living expenses is available, although scholarship holders are strongly encouraged to apply (top-up available). Funding limits likely restrict applications to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. However, International students are welcome to apply assuming they can secure an external scholarship or grant to cover additional “foreign student differential fees” (~$7,000) levied by the university.

Applicants must forward: 1) a curriculum vitae, 2) copies of all post-secondary transcripts (unofficial are acceptable at this stage), 3) a short statement of interest and why you think you are the best candidate for the research, and 4) a list of at least 3 referees (at least 2 must be academic) and their contact information. Send the above material, compiled as a single PDF, by email to chris.taggart@dal.ca. Ensure the PDF file-name begins with your surname. Incomplete applications will not be acknowledged. Important questions concerning the position should be directed to chris.taggart@dal.ca

 Contact Information:
Dr. Christopher Taggart
Associate Professor
Dept of Oceanography, Dalhousie University
1355 Oxford St, Halifax, Nova Scotia
email: chris.taggart@dal.ca
phone: 902 494 7144