jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2014

Field crew volunteer for King Cobra Telemetry project in Thailand

Field crew volunteer for King Cobra Telemetry project in Thailand

All positions are unpaid. Housing and food (buffet style) will be provided for volunteers for the duration of their stay at the research station. We will accept applications until all positions are filled.
Application deadline: 30th November.

We are looking to fill 3 positions in January, in preparation for the King Cobra breeding season, which occurs in March-April and nesting season just afterwards. Fieldwork during this season is the most physically demanding of the whole year (we had a record move of 1.5 kilometers in 10 minutes last season). Be prepared to work long days, starting at 05:30 and likely to continue well into the night.

Please list your earliest available date in your cover letter.

Volunteers must:
– Track 5 adult male radio transmitter implanted King Cobras,
– Perform novel nest searches along streambeds,
– Write daily activity summaries of each tracked king cobra including maps and pictures,
– Communicate with local villagers in a friendly and non-intrusive manner when tracking,
– Record observed behaviors and go through video feeds from camera traps,
– Be able and willing to work long hours in very warm and humid conditions.

Job Requirements:
– 21 years or older,
– Experience with outdoor work (manual labor) and radio-telemetry,
– Volunteers need to be reasonably fit (able to walk more than 10k in a day),
– Respect for Biodiversity,
– Health Insurance,
– Commitment of 6 months or more,
– MUST be able to provide your own plane ticket to Thailand.

Contact Information:
If interested, please email your resume and cover letter to:

Colin Strine, sakaeratsnaketeam@gmail.com