sábado, 16 de noviembre de 2013


We are looking for volunteer research assistants for the pre and post release phases of a reintroduction project of Scarlet macaws in Palenque National Park (see http://www.ecoparquepalenque.com). The subspecies Ara macao cyanoptera found in Mexico has become extinct in 98% of its range due to illegal trade and habitat loss. The ecopark Xcaret (www.xcaret.com) is donating 60-70 captive bred macaws/year (2013-2015) for the reintroduction project. Volunteer research assistants will participate in both pre and post release phases. This will include procedures to induce the macaws to form flocks, to recognize wild foods and predators, to use artificial roost boxes, among others. It will also include tracking the macaws´ adaptation to the wild (range and food use among others) by visual means and radio-telemetry. During 2013 we released 60 macaws (100% survival). The program for 2014, starts in mid-January with a series of releases. Background in avian/animal behavior and ecology, onservation biology, ornithology or veterinary sciences is important. Assistants will be responsible for international airfare/transportation and for food costs. Lodging will be provided by the field project in a comfortable fully equipped house with internet access about 4 km from Palenque National Park. Duration of internship: 3, 4, 6, 12 months. Age requirements: adults of both sexes 20+. Cost: about $30USD/week for food. Participation may be geared to meet academic requirements at your institution of origin e.g. practicum, thesis.

To Apply:
Contact: Dr. ALEJANDRO ESTRADA, (EM: aestrada@primatesmx.com), Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.