sábado, 16 de noviembre de 2013

Hawaii forest bird banders (2) and nest monitors (4) needed

Hawaii forest bird banders (2) and nest monitors (4) needed
at USGS Pacific Island Ecosystems Research Center

Duration: 3-4 months
Job Type: Seasonal

Hawaii forest bird banders (2) and nest monitors (4) needed: 2 banders and 4 nest monitors needed for a long-term demographic study of Hawaii forest birds at Hakalau Forest NWR on Hawaii Island. Hakalau Forest is the premier forest bird sanctuary in Hawaii, supporting large populations of 3 endangered species (Akepa, Akiapola’au, and Hawaii Creeper) and 5 additional native species (Apapane, Hawaii Amakihi, Hawaii Elepaio, I’iwi, Oma’o). Banders and nest monitors work closely together to band, resight, nest search and monitor reproductive efforts to help gather important information for the conservation of this unique avian community.

Duties will include operating mist nets at three established sites within the refuge, resighting of color banded birds, managing data, and helping with the nest productivity study and a radio telemetry study. Banders are needed from mid-February to mid-May. Must have mist net extraction and passerine banding experience, with resighting experience a plus.

Nest monitors:
Duties will include nest searching, monitoring for survival and outcome, managing data, and assisting with other aspects of this long-term demographic project (there will be opportunities for banding and telemetry tracking). Nest monitors are needed from mid-February to mid-June. Preference given to applicants with forest bird nest searching and monitoring experience.

Compensation for both banders/nest monitors is $1040/month per diem and very nice housing at both Hakalau Forest NWR (work days) and Hawaii Volcanoes NP (days off); transportation provided to and from work and for supplies. Airfare to Hawaii is not included. To apply, please send brief cover letter highlighting relevant experience and stating whether you are applying for the banding or nest monitoring position, or both, resume, and name, address, phone number, and email address of at least 3 references to Eben Paxton, USGS Pacific Island Ecosystems Research Center, epaxton@usgs.gov. Applications will be accepted until December 8th, but applications will be considered as they are received to fill the positions quickly.

2 banders, 4 nest monitors