miércoles, 28 de agosto de 2013


Position Title: Technician (Técnico Titular A).
Employment Status: Full-Time, 12 months. The appointment is renewable depending
upon performance and funding. After three years, candidates can apply for tenure.
General Description: The selected candidate will be part of a team working on the
elucidation of complex plant genomes and comparative genomics of fruit trees of major
importance for Mexico, including avocado, mango, plum, citrus, and guava. The main aim
of the research team is to define molecular markers associated with pest and disease
resistance, particularly emerging problems or those causing severe negative effects on
productivity. The successful candidate will join Biomimic, a multidisciplinary team working
on the protection of Mexican biodiversity, will interact with a team of specialists on
genomics, molecular biology, and bioinformatics. Biomimic provides access to state of the
art high-throughput DNA sequencing equipment, including all technologies available in the
market, and bioinformatics facilities. Knowledge of genetics, molecular biology, and
genomics is required. Experience working with fruit trees is not necessary but the selected
candidate is expected to quickly gain experience in the area. Experience in plant-microbe
and/or plant-insect interactions is desirable but not indispensable.
 Help generate research at the cutting edge of knowledge.
 Actively participate in a sequencing and analysis team in collaboration with other
 Participate in projects leading to the legal protection of genomic information of Mexican
 Assist in training Master's and Doctorate students at INECOL, CIMAV, CIQA, CICY,
 Analyzing data and interpreting the results of laboratory and field experiments.
 Writing of technical reports describing methods, procedures and results of particular
 Developing operational guidelines for the maintenance, operation and calibration of
laboratory equipment.
 Basic maintenance of laboratory equipment.
 Assist in training Master's and Doctorate students at INECOL, CIMAV, CIQA, CICY,
 Provide technical support to the research projects of graduate students.
 Supervise undergraduate student projects.
 Participate in outreach activities.
 Participate in innovative research to be published in internationally recognized journals
and books.
 Help write patents.
 Help recruit talents for science and technology among primary, secondary and high
school students.
 Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetics or
 Experience of molecular biology and genomics techniques.
 Knowledge of bioinformatics tools necessary for analysis of genomics data, and the
ability to implement such tools.
 Solid knowledge of statistics applied to biology or other pertinent fields.
 Reading and writing in English, is required.
 Bioinformatics abilities and proven experience in field.
 Solid knowledge of statistics applied to biology or other relevant fields.
 Experience living and working in Latin America is desirable but not essential.
 Excellent interpersonal and multitasking skills, ability to negotiate, to deal with
pressure, complex situations and stress.
 Ability to work with the private sector as well as government agencies.
 Work outside of regular business hours, including weekends and travel is required.
 A spirit of collaboration/team working and service to society.
 A driving license.
Interested candidates from Mexico and elsewhere in the entire world should send their
updated Curriculum Vitae and additional support material of particular value for members
of the Search Committee (e.g., citation record, relevant awards, narrative of particular
achievements or contributions to science) to Dr. Guillermo Angeles, Secretario Académico
at secretaria.academica@inecol.edu.mx always cc’ing maluja.dirgral@inecol.edu.mx.
Three letters of recommendation are needed as well as the e-mail addresses and
telephones of three established scientists/professors that have agreed to be interviewed
on the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. An additional letter by the candidate
expressing interest in the job, explaining how exactly her/his training/experience fits the job
description, and expressing her/his willingness to strictly adhere to the principles of
collaboration, team working, networking and scientific integrity is also needed. Any
questions should be addressed to Dr. Guillermo Angeles.