lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2015


Mangrove monitoring interns will be directly assisting in marine conservation by conducting an in depth study of mangrove forests located in Magdelena Bay, Baja Mexico. The program is open to those wishing to gain valuable field experience while contributing to an important study in some of the most pristine mangrove areas left on earth. Using sea kayaks to navigate the dense labyrinth of mangrove forests, participants will collect samples, note climate and water conditions, photograph and film insects, birds, reptiles, mollusks and mammals that use the dense vegetation for food and cover. Species counts will also be conducted on barrier islands found along the Pacific coast. Using GPS systems, the density and distribution of each individual sighting will be added to a catalog of all species encountered over a five-year period. Participants will learn skills such as animal tracking techniques, GPS data collection, wildlife photography, desert and mangrove natural history, sea kayaking and other wilderness skills.

No previous kayaking or field research experience is needed and all kayaking is done in protected bays. Due to weather, tides and other factors that affect navigation, interns assisting us will want to have a “go with the flow attitude”, be willing to share a small tent with another participant, possibly ride in the back of pick up trucks, wade into deep mud, and participate in camp life such as cooking, cleaning, and logistical chores.
The internship cost is $950 per person for the 10 day session and includes all food, lodging, camping / kayak rentals etc. Volunteers will be responsible for their flight/bus to/from Loreto, Mexico. We have years of experience traveling to Baja and may be able to give you some pointers on how to save some money with plane or bus tickets.

Salary: volunteer position
Qualifications: As listed above
Contact: Colin Garland,