sábado, 6 de febrero de 2010

Veterinaria en Primates

Opportunity Description:

Organisation: The Aspinall Foundation / Project Of protection for Gorillas

The Project in a few words...

Projet Protection des Gorilles (PPG) is a joint collaboration between the Republic of Congo government and the UK-charity ‘The Aspinall Foundation’. The aim of this initiative is to protect endangered species in the Republic of Congo, notably the western lowland gorilla. Within the framework of the PPG-project, which focuses on raising awareness and the care and rehabilitation of orphaned gorilla infants, a complimentary project was initiated that seeks to restore a region of the Batéké Plateau ecosystem and return gorillas to their former habitat, located within a protected area. This project, also called Projet Lésio-Louna is a western lowland gorilla reintroduction/protected area management project based in the Lesio-Louna Reserve northwest of Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.

See our Website: http://www.ppgcongo.org

Tasks and responsibilities:

(This position is essentially administrative. Vet aspects are casual.)

a. Responsibility for the health and welfare of the gorillas under the care of the project
b. Writing the financial and administrative reports
c. Budget planning
d. Support to the Coordination Assistant about Project accounts
e. Monitoring the administrative aspects relative to the team and to the project
f. Fundraising


The project Administrator-Vet should be a qualified veterinarian, with some experience in tropical environments and ideally with Primates.

The candidate should be highly fluent in French with a solid background in written and spoken English.

The successful candidate should be physically able to withstand the rigours of life in an isolated region and tropical climate and should demonstrate a capacity to effectively direct project staff.

Finally, it is necessary that the project administrator be aware and respectful of the project hierarchy, both with regards to Congolese staff as well as expatriates.

The position is based both within the Lésio-Louna Reserve, as well as in Brazzaville (particularly for the accounts monitoring).

To be discussed with the TAF Overseas Project Director. An additional food allowance of 10,000 XAF per day (= 15 euros) will be paid weekly whilst in country and one return plane ticket will be provided annually.

Term of Appointment:
Duration of contract: 24 months, with a 3-month probation period. Contract extensions are possible.

For more info, contact:

Charles Beaufrere, Coordinator PLL
E-mail: chbeaufrere@yahoo.fr