domingo, 21 de febrero de 2010

Internships Farallon Island

Internships are offered year round on Southeast Farallon Island, during one of the three research seasons. The winter season (December – March) primarily involves research on breeding elephant seals, the spring / summer season (March – August) focuses on breeding seabird studies, and the fall season (August – December) focuses on migrant landbird research. All internships on Southeast Farallon Island are volunteer positions, though excellent food and housing are provided. Transportation to San Francisco is not provided. The minimum duration of internships is 6 weeks. While each season requires different duties, all interns are required to conduct rigorous fieldwork, often in poor weather. All interns will assist in maintenance of the field camp and data entry and proofing. For more information on Farallon Islands research see: /cms/157

Interested applicants should contact appropriate Farallon Biologists at least 4 months prior to their respective research season of interest. For information on winter internships contact Derek Lee (dlee at prbo dot org), for spring/summer positions contact Russ Bradley (rbradley at prbo dot org), and for fall positions contact Jim Tietz (jtietz at prbo dot org).