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Harvesting Forester Associate

KOMAZA is a social enterprise working to permanently end rural poverty by developing sustainable economic opportunities for smallholder farmers living in East Africa's unfertile and drought-prone regions. Founded in 2006 and based in Kenya, the organization's innovative grassroots model dramatically boosts household income and wealth for rural families by equipping them with resources, knowledge and market linkages to produce high-value crops on their previous degraded land. Working through a village-based extension network, KOMAZA reduces start-up costs and barriers to market entry by providing poor farmers with crop inputs and tools on credit, ongoing training and support, as well as complete vertically integrated value chain services and market access opportunities. KOMAZA is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization in the United States and is incorporated in the State of California. Learn more at www.komaza.org

The Area: Value capture
The value capture team takes our farmers’ raw tree logs, processes them into high-value products that are demanded in the marketplace, and coordinates sales. The team will also pursue contracts, coordinate logistics, and design, build, and manage processing infrastructure. The value capture team’s goal is to sell tree products to maximize per-farm profitability, while planning for a scaled supply of wood from tens of thousands of farmers. The team is currently undertaking challenges such as:
? Uncovering the most desirable wood product markets, both domestically and abroad – and understanding the product specifications and how to manage any barriers to entry
? Determining the best processing techniques to capture the most revenue potential, through research and testing
? Designing the operational blueprint to manage processing, logistics, and sales of tens of thousands of trees – and building this operational infrastructure
? Evaluating the cost-benefit tradeoffs among all operational decisions, to maximize profitability
? Mitigating risk by pursuing multiple product lines and diversified revenue streams and customer bases
? Coordinating logistics – from farm to processing facility and facility to buyer

The Role: Harvesting Forester Associate
As harvesting forester, you will be responsible for designing and executing KOMAZA’s first harvest among its rural farmer stands of eucalyptus trees. You will ensure sustainable forestry management and maximize the per-tree profit while minimizing waste. You will provide effective leadership and hands-on management of harvesting operations – from hiring a team to acquiring the equipment necessary for operations to solving logistical challenges. You will:

Monitoring and Evaluation
• Supervise forest stand mapping: collaborate with GIS Associate and Crop Production team to collect forest stand data and create maps for effective and efficient harvesting operations
• Oversee operational monitoring and evaluation: execute pre- and post-harvest inventories (including pre-selection of trees for felling), manage permanent sample plot surveys, oversee data capture and analysis, estimate harvest volumes over time to enable revenue projections
• Ensure accurate record keeping: both on-site (e.g. labeling of logs for tracking) and remotely in databases (e.g. growth projections)

• Design thinning and harvesting plans: collaborate with rest of value capture team to design the scheduling, logistics, equipment, and cost management of harvest operations
• Supervise harvest operations: supervise operations on-site to ensure proper health and safety procedures are followed, quality is protected (directional felling, pre-processing activities), environmental impact is minimized, and rural farmers are involved with and informed about the plans and execution
• Manage transportation logistics to storage and processing facilities: coordinate the cost efficient transportation of raw and processed logs to selected destinations
• Operate and oversee maintenance of chainsaws, portable sawmills, vehicles, and other equipment
• Manage diverse operations team while understanding and responding to their professional development needs: hire, train, and supervise field staff and harvesting laborers

Environment, Health, and Safety
• Ensure full compliance with all Kenyan safety, forestry, harvesting, and environmental regulations: learn rules and regulations and maintain partnerships with regulatory bodies to stay current on any changes, manage fire prevention plans and execution
• Protect health and safety: implement international-caliber health and safety standards, making safety top priority.Minimize environmental impact: ensure proper post-harvest clean-up of eucalyptus stands, follow relevant laws and minimize environmental impact on land
• Prepare an environmental management system/plan and manage any environmental impact statements, resulting from timber harvesting operations

This role, while based in the Kilifi town office, will have a significant field component – which can be challenging and difficult but highly rewarding. This work will involve: long dirty and uncomfortable bus/motorcycle rides, basic rustic facilities, work in areas far from any infrastructure (stores, electricity, paved roads), extensive time outside in the sun and heat. Field work will likely include research trips to regional processing facilities to gather best practices. KOMAZA will soon commence construction on its first dedicated field operations office in Ganze, which will facilitate any field work.

? Education: Bachelor of Science in forestry or natural resource management.
? Relevant work experience:
o 4yrs of experience in professional forestry work
o At least two years in a supervisory and/or program management or leadership capacity - proven track record in managing a harvesting or forestry operation and designing harvesting plans
o Extensive knowledge of forest ecology, silvicultural practices, watershed and environmental management, wildlife management; knowledge of wood industries and wood processing technologies and techniques
? Strong leader and manager: highly organized; self-managing; managing multiple projects and deadlines; taking ownership over independent projects; budgeting; developing work plan, goals, and deadlines
? Problem-solver – at a high- and granular- level: Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills and impeccable business judgment; ability to think “big picture” and dig into details
? Strong and proactive communicator: personable yet persistent; building consensus and influencing Director decision-making; adapting to local cultural norms and communication styles; developing detailed and high-quality written materials
? High-quality execution: executing projects/tasks and implement recommendations – quickly and with flawless accuracy, with great systematic attention to detail
? Patience and a sense of humor: please see KOMAZA recruiting website for a more detailed description of important “fit” criteria
? Preferred but not required:
o Kiswahili
o Work/volunteer experience in a developing country

Compensation and benefits
KOMAZA Associates – who are one 1+ year contracts - receive modest compensation and benefits for their pioneering work. The cost of living in Kilifi is very low (e.g. a Coca-Cola costs 20KSH, or ~$0.25USD), and many fun activities are free (e.g. swimming in the Indian Ocean, walking distance from town).
For Associates, KOMAZA covers basic needs for a comfortable standard of living in Kilifi, and provides an allowance which is sufficient for a modest but enjoyable experience:
- Modest stipend
- Room and board (comfortable middle-class house for ex-pat staff housing, with excellent security, full-time cook and house staff; 6 dinner-time meals per week)
- One return airfare per year (from place of residence to Mombasa)
- Comprehensive international health insurance (including USA coverage for Americans)
- Basic immunizations, visas

For applicants applying through a fellowship or third party grant, compensation and benefits are arranged directly with the organization. Together, the fellowship and KOMAZA ensure that the above are covered.

For Kenyan applicants, compensation and benefits will be adjusted such that the total value remains the same if certain benefits are not required (such as return airfare, health insurance).

Significant opportunities exist for career advancement for employees who exhibit extraordinary job performance, as KOMAZA continues to grow.

For more info, contact:

To apply, please visit www.komaza.org/recruiting