domingo, 31 de julio de 2016

Cloud Forest Bird Banding Volunteers - Ecuador

Join Life Net Nature’s long-term avian monitoring and conservation project in the Andes of western Ecuador, December 6-19, 2016. We have openings for 8 volunteers on this year's team.

Life Net banding assistants help with mist-netting of birds at several banding stations and do bird surveys in the Las Tangaras Reserve, Mindo, Ecuador. Our goal is to advance scientific understanding of cloud forest avian communities, including species responses to deforestation, grazing, and climate change over time.

Reserva Las Tangaras boasts more than 25 species of hummingbird, one of the largest regional cock-of-the-rock display leks, and great numbers of Choco and Andean endemic bird species. Volunteers help set up and monitor mist nets, extract birds from nets, carry birds from nets to a banding station, and record basic ecological data. A cost-share donation of $1650 covers your transportation in Ecuador, meals, lodging during the conservation research program, reserve fees, salaries for Ecuadorian cooks and para-biologists (airfare to and from Ecuador is not included nor are hotel nights in Quito). The donation balance is used to cover stewardship costs related to operating the Las Tangaras Reserve as a cloud forest protected area for Choco wildlife.

The conservation expedition begins and ends in Quito.

Compensation: Training in handling, measuring and banding is offered to those interested in developing that skill set, but is not required. Volunteers will also have some afternoons free to explore and/or bird the Mindo area. Accommodation is in the loft of a large research cabin with indoor flush toilet, hot shower, and mosquito nets.

Duration: December 6-19, 2016

To Apply: Contact Dr. Dusti Becker at for further details. Experience with mist-netting is desirable, but not required. Students, recent graduates and others looking for hands-on training and resume building experience will benefit greatly from this project. To apply send a brief e-letter of interest to Dr. Dusti Becker, (Resume is optional).