miércoles, 30 de diciembre de 2015

Voluntarios tortugas marinas en Costa Rica.

3 month positions or 6 month positions

Barra de Pacuare leatherback nesting beach

Background Information
In April 2004 Paul Lepoutre took the initiative to establish a conservation program there. His approach was rather unique and has the special attention and support of various organizations around the world, most notably the World Wildlife Fund. In December 2011, La Tortuga Feliz and LAST (former Widecast Costa Rica) joined forces to increase their efforts to protect the environment and the animals. Since then, LAST is in charge of all sea turtle conservation work.

RA will be considered as part of the project staff and will help with the tasks on the field and station, as well as they will have specific duties to carry out. The common duties will be serving as a group leader in the teams of volunteers that patrol the beach at night looking for nesting sea turtles, to assure that all the activities of research and protection are carried out correctly. RA´s will also help with the maintenance and the cleaning of the station (recycling, raking, bathroom cleaning, cooking).

Be 20 years of age or older.
-Be fluent in the English and Spanish (advanced) language.
-Have an academic background (undergraduates or graduates) in Biology, Marine Biology, Resource Conservation, Ecology, Environmental Education, Veterinarian Medicine, Wildlife Management, Oceanography, Zoology and/or experience in working with Sea Turtles.
- Be willing to a firm commitment to work 2.5 months in the project.
- Be interested in sharing his/her knowledge and to stimulate in the volunteers the interest for the protection and the conservation of the Sea Turtles.
- Be a responsible, hardworking, communicative, and enthusiastic person.
- Capable to live in very rustic and basic living conditions and under adverse climatic conditions.

no salary or stipend will be paid

Additional Contact Information
please contact the volunteer coordinator for detailled information