miércoles, 30 de diciembre de 2015

Research & Internship Manager- Ecuador

Introduction: A few years ago, a few of us—ecology, economics, and business graduates—
founded a non-profit organization called Third Millennium Alliance (TMA). We raised some
money and bought a lot of land in a critically endangered rainforest and established an
ecological reserve in coastal Ecuador. There was a small patch of previously degraded
land right in the middle of the reserve where we have built an innovative and surprisingly
comfortable research station out of bamboo. Immediately surrounding the house we are
designing/growing/building a living laboratory of sustainable resource management (i.e.
permaculture), which also serves as our field headquarters for biological field research and
forest monitoring. Our reserve (called the Jama-Coaque Reserve) is one of the last
remnants of Pacific Equatorial Forest. The reserve is located in the Tumbes-Choco-
Magdalena Biodiversity Hotspot, which is designated as one of the most biodiverse
and endangered ecosystems on earth. With only 2% of native forest remaining on
Ecuador’s coast today, our mission is to preserve the last remnants of forest and empower
local communities to restore what has already been lost.

Job Summary: As Research & Internship Manager the chosen candidate will work closely
with individuals from diverse backgrounds to facilitate project-based internship
experiences in the fields of research, conservation and permaculture. Projects are
developed to achieve the research goals of the organization and serve as catalysts for
interns as they navigate their academic and professional careers. As Research & Internship
Manager he/she will synthesize and report the information generated from the internship
program projects/investigations to the management team and directors to support the
greater conservation mission of the organization. Primary responsibilities are to manage
the internship program day-in and day-out and to manage the Research Station as an
operating center. He /She will be the responsible for interacting with all interns, visiting
researchers, and students groups. In addition, he/ she will serve as an advisor/
facilitator/mentor for interns and their related projects, with a specific focus on interns
carrying out Biological Field Research studies. The Manager of Permaculture Operations
carries out similar duties for the Permaculture-based interns. The Research & Internship
Manager is responsible for coordinating site logistics such as supply runs, assistance with
monthly field-based accounting, and managing the flow of people in and out of the reserve.

For more information on the position, including salary, benefits, and how to apply, please
visit www.tmalliance.org/about/opportunities.