lunes, 23 de febrero de 2015

Volunteer jaguar - Belize

Volunteer opportunity to study wild cats in Belize, Central America. Gain great experience now! However, this is a complete volunteer experience that requires a project fee, and your own transportation to Belize. If that is not an impediment, continue reading... We seek 3-5 motivated field assistants for our wild cat study in Belize, Central America. This study focuses on jaguars, pumas, and ocelots using non-invasive detection methods. Volunteers will gain extensive field experience working on a multi-faceted wildlife conservation project in a beautiful tropical country. Non-invasive methods include setting up large remote camera grids across tropical broadleaf and/or tropical pine forests. The study is examining the long-term demographics of jaguar populations and the the impacts of selective logging, at multiple sites across Belize.

Rustic village living conditions in a tropical environment (that means potentially very hot, humid weather, and biting insects, and presence of snakes). Includes extensive hiking to reach remote camera stations and to collect vegetation data surrounding camera stations. Field workers will sometimes need to carry heavy equipment, will often hike long distances through rough terrain, and bushwhack through thick vegetation. Work will also include shared data entry and camp and vehicle maintenance/running errands.

Wildlife biology student or a related field (biology, forestry, natural resources, etc.). No experience necessary, but the applicant must have a positive and flexible attitude, and be enthusiastic and ready to learn. Must have a strong work ethic and good ability to get along with others in tight, close-knit, living conditions. Ability to drive a standard (manual) transmission and backpacking skills are a plus.

This is a complete volunteer position, meaning that technician will need to pay for their plane ticket and a project fee of $1750 per month (1 month minimum required). This project fee covers food, accommodations, and all in-country transport, while in Belize (except for days off). The experience is a resume builder for wild cat work, and is much less expensive than any typical study abroad experience. Positions available from April 1st to August 31st 2015; and potentially longer.

Contact Information:
Please e-mail a resume/cv, letter of interest,
and list of three references to:

Primary contact: David McNitt at
Secondary contact: Marcella Kelly at

Application Deadline: Rolling – ASAP, positions will be filled continuously