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Research Coordinator—Cheetah Conservation- Botswana

Research Coordinator—Cheetah Conservation

Cheetah Conservation Botswana (CCB) is now accepting applications for the position of Research Coordinator, based in our Field Camp located 22 km from Ghanzi Town. CCB’s mission is to assure a future for healthy, free-ranging populations of cheetah, in coexistence with rural communities, as an integral and sustainable element of Botswana ecosystems. To achieve this, we operate in three programmatic areas: research, community outreach, and education. We undertake research into cheetah ecology, especially in the farmlands where most of Botswana’s cheetahs are found, to understand how and where they live, move, and interact with wild prey, domestic stock, and humans. We emphasize community outreach, promoting coexistence with predators by bringing livestock husbandry and management techniques to farmers of all types – from subsistence level to commercial level – that will help them avoid or minimize conflict with cheetah and other predators. And we work to educate people as to the importance of cheetah to the ecology and economy of Botswana, and the importance of Botswana to the future security of cheetah as a species.

Duties Include
• In consultation with the Managing Director, set the strategic direction & objectives for the Research Department
• Design, manage, and conduct research projects with achievable objectives and strong study design, data analysis plan, and budgeting.
• Supervise, manage, and mentor research staff and volunteers.
• Maintain databases (telemetry, spoor, prey, vegetation, etc.).
• Write relevant research reports & scientific papers.
• Source scientific research fellows and coordinate fellowship program.
• Oversee maintenance of research equipment, including vehicles.
• Assist with proposal writing & fundraising as required.
• Plan & manage cheetah capture/ collaring events in support of research or translocation objectives; provide necessary care for temporarily held or rehabilitation animals.
• Liaise with local farmers, international donors, supporters, and other visitors.
• Update informational materials including booklets, leaflets, hand outs, presentations, etc.
• Oversee & manage the day-to-day operations of the Field Camp, including the operation & maintenance of camp infrastructure (buildings, borehole & water supply, solar system & electricity supply).
• Maintain records of expenditures and financial requirements (for projects & for camp operations).
• Assist with other CCB program requirements, including community outreach and education, as needed.
• Compile weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports of planned and completed activities.

• MS or PhD in conservation biology, ecology, or related field.
• Strong scientific research and analysis skills; minimum of 5 years field research experience.
• Strong proposal writing skills.
• Excellent scientific writing (English) ability; a record of scientific publication is desirable.
• Good understanding & experience working with human-wildlife conflict, especially regarding predation on livestock.
• Experience with project budgeting & financial management.
• Adept with the MicroSoft Office suite of applications.
• Strong statistical analysis abilities & experience.
• Good GIS skills are highly desirable.
• Motivated & hard working; able to work independently from management.
• Extended experience living & working in Africa is highly desirable, particularly in the wildlife research/ conservation arena.
• Adaptable to very basic, “rustic” living arrangements in a semi-remote African bush camp.
• Able to live cooperatively & harmoniously with a close-knit group of staff in the bush camp setting.
• Able to commit to a minimum two-year appointment.

• Salary range: Dependant on skills and experience. Around BWP 8,000 to 9,000 per month.
• 20 days off per year.
• Public paid and unpaid holidays off.
• Time off in Lieu (TOIL) for overtime.
• 50% contribution to national medical aid program.
• Basic accommodation in the Field Camp (small private cabin; kitchen & ablutions shared with staff).

To Apply:
Closing date: 1 April 2015.
Target starting date: early June 2015.
Please send your detailed CV/ resumé and a statement of interest/ motivation to:
Or mail to:
Cheetah Conservation Botswana, Kgale Siding Office Park, Private Bag BO 284, Bontleng Post Office, Gaborone.