lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2013

Chevening in Mexico

Applications for 2014-2015 Chevening Scholarships in Mexico are now open and will close on 8 November 2013.

The Scholarships not only offer financial support to study for a Master’s degree at the UK’s leading universities, but the opportunity to become part of an influential and highly regarded global network.

We aim to attract talented professionals who are potential future leaders, decision-makers and opinion formers. We accept applications from a wide range of subject areas, however, we particularly welcome applications in the following fields:

§  Prosperity – To encourage greater cooperation on education and defence and to strengthen work on governance and promote public sector and economic reform;
§  Climate change and sustainable development
§  Security and justice
§  Human rights
§  Mexican & International Institutions – To encourage the cooperation, development and strengthening of efficient Mexican and international organisms
Last year, 28 Chevening Scholars from Mexico studied in the UK.
A Chevening Scholarship in Mexico includes: a monthly stipend, travel to and from your country via an approved route, an arrival and excess baggage allowance, a thesis or dissertation grant, the cost of an entry clearance visa and tuition fees.  Tuition fee payments for Master's in Business Administration (MBA) courses have an upper limit of £12,000 in all countries. If you study for an MBA you will be expected to fund any difference above this sum.
Do you have the potential to be a future leader and a desire to study in the UK? If you would like to enhance your leadership skills and become part of the growing Chevening network, read about how to apply for a Chevening Scholarship in Mexico.