viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011

Sustainability Systems Internship - - BAHAMAS

The Cape Eleuthera Institute is accepting applications for a sustainable systems internship. Applicants will gain knowledge of systems designed for food production, energy generation, and waste management and the ties between the built and natural environment.

Position Requirements
This position will allow the successful applicant to learn about a variety of sustainable systems, from food production to energy generation and everything in between. Applicants should be prepared to get involved with several different projects as needed, as nearly all aspects of life at CEI revolve around sustainability. A strong interest in systems connectivity is recommended. Candidates will have the chance to assist with other CEI projects including, but not limited to, off-shore aquaculture, flats ecology, shark conservation, aquaponics, permaculture, biodigestion, biodiesel production, and conch research.

This position requires the ability to work long hours with a close knit group of peers. The typical work week is Monday through Friday, 7AM to 4:30PM with a half day on Saturday. Applicants may, at times, be asked to work weekends or participate in community events.

Applicants must be in the process of completing or have completed an undergraduate degree in an engineering, scientific, or environmental field. Candidates with experience in construction (roofing, masonry, use of power and hand tools), project-based work, computer programming, AC/DC electrical work, and self-directed work are preferred.

Experience with Google Sketch-Up, AutoCAD, and Adobe Creative Suite is preferred but not required.

Please note that only those candidates who are being considered for a position will be contacted.

For more info, contact:

Please email a cover letter, three professional references, and resume in a single PDF attachment to