viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010

Volunteer Migratory Raptor and Wood Stork Counters - COSTA RICA

The bird monitoring and conservation program is part of a community-based conservation organization, working directly with the Kèköldi Wak Ka Koneke Indigenous Association.

Talamanca is one of only three places in the world - together with Veracruz , Mexico , and Eilat, in Israel - where it is possible to observe over 3 million raptors migrating in one fall migration season; the Migratory Raptor and Wood Stork Conservation and Monitoring Program require volunteers raptor and wood storks counters to start ASAP (September 15th through December 1st) Duties include assisting and working with official counters in identifying and counting raptors, data entry, and flight interpretation to visitors.

The site is located in the Talamanca region of Costa Rica between Puerto Viejo and Cahuita, Limón Province (southern Caribbean coast). The Hawk watch is located in the Kèköldi Indigenous Reserve, a 6000 ha reserve of Primary, Secondary forests and cocoa plantations. The Kèköldi Hawk watch started in 2000, and it’s the second best place in the world to witness raptor migration (after Veracruz, Mexico) and the only tropical active Hawk watch. It is also the biggest known migration spot for Peregrine Falcons (over 3000 ind. during every fall season). Observations are made from an 11m tower built at Kèköldi Indigenous Reserve. Volunteers must be physically fit and willing to work long hours under hot and humid conditions; maintaining enthusiasm and their sense of humour. The ability to work in a team is also very important. Some Spanish knowledge is important but not obligatory. The project provides training in raptor ID and estimating large numbers of migrating birds. This is a great opportunity to increase your fieldwork experience, while working in a great environment, and learning more about conservation efforts with migratory birds in the Neo-tropics.

For more info, contact:

Daniel Martinez A.
Coordinador Programa de Monitoreo y Conservación de Aves
Kèköldi Wak ka koneke, Talamanca, Costa Rica.
Cell: (506) 8858 2689 / Centro Científico Kèköldi (506) 2200 3265
E-mail: / Website: