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Executive Director - KIRIBATI

The Phoenix Island Protected Area Conservation Trust (the “PIPA Trust”) seeks the services of an Executive Director to manage its operations from its headquarters in Tarawa, Kiribati.

The PIPA Trust's primary activity is to utilize its assets to provide support for (a) administration and operation of the PIPA Trust; (b) management of the Phoenix Islands Protected Area; and (c) ensuring that exploitation of the resources of the Phoenix Islands Protected Area remains limited or prohibited. The Phoenix Islands Protected Area (“PIPA”) encompasses 408,250 square kilometers of marine and atoll habitat- currently the largest marine protected area (MPA) in the Pacific.

A significant amount of the Executive Director’s time during the first three years will be devoted to fundraising. The PIPA Trust seeks to raise $25 million USD for its endowment, with an interim target of $13.5 million of that by the end of 2014. The Executive Director will prepare a fundraising strategy, identify and meet with potential donors, develop proposals to potential donors, negotiate the terms of grant agreements with donors, and travel globally in connection with fundraising efforts.

In addition, the Executive Director will be responsible for the overall management of the PIPA Trust, subject to the supervision and control of its Board of Directors, which currently consists of representatives of the Government of Kiribati, Conservation International and New England Aquarium. The Executive Director will represent and promote the PIPA Trust’s interests in dealings with the Government of Kiribati; local and international conservation NGOs; local and international businesses that impact biodiversity or are potential donors; multilateral and bilateral international donor agencies; and local and international media. The Executive Director will be responsible for the development and implementation of long-term strategic plans, annual operating plans, internal operations manuals and policies, and annual budgets for consideration and approval by the PIPA Trust’s Board.

The Executive Director will be hired by the PIPA Trust for an initial two-year appointment, subject to renewal on the basis of job performance.

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