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Field Assistant,Costa Rica, -6/7 months Free Room and Board


Field Assistant,Costa Rica, -6/7 months Free Room and Board

Volunteer Opportunity

Submitted: 2012-06-19 13:28:56
Contact: Alexia Maizel or Oscar Brenes
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July 2012 - January 2012
Ojochal de Osa on the Southern Pacific Coast Of Costa Rica. Our coordinates are: WGS84 projection: North: 9º 04 | | 26.23" West: 83º 39 | |31.39".

3.5 hours from San Jose
Background Information
Hi everybody, our organization Reserva Playa Tortuga, is looking for two field assistants to support our staff during the sea turtle nesting season (olive ridley and black). We are offering food and lodging in exchange for work on the project July-January (6-7 month commitment ).

The work schedule is going to be 4 days working /3days off and switch to 3 days working for 4 days off.


1) Follow the instructions of the Project Biologist and provide reports on field work.
2) To assist the biologist in taking and recording scientific data:
Biometric measurements and marking of nesting females.
Recording of additional observations on the state of health and/or their physical appearance.
3) Adequately fill out field notebooks and formats for data processing.
4) Insure proper handling of eggs/nests, turtles and hatchlings.
5) Keep field journal tracking the daily activities.
6) Work with/instruct day tourists and RPT volunteers during their participation in the sea turtle conservation and research program.
7) Prepare research backpack with field equipment before going on patrol.
8) Responsible for the proper handling of the field equipment.
9) Conduct patrols of the beach to search for females and nests.
10) Responsible for the relocation of nests on the beach, nursery or leave them in situ, depending on the criteria established by the Project Biologist.
11) Carry out the exhumation of nests.
12) Responsible for the integrity of the group when working on the beach.
13) To coordinate the working groups for walks on the beach and watch the nursery when the biologist is away from the project.
14) Communicate with the project coordinator/Biologist and/or RPT director to request materials in advance and report on specific cases or problems related to the development of the research, also to seek technical advice.
15) Report all abnormalities which are observed in the field, following the channels of communication.
16) Give guidance to the volunteers.
17) Indicate to Biologist or project manager the state of the field data, work to be undertaken on the beach and other important information before you leave for days off.
18) Meet with field staff to coordinate the work week and make decisions about problems or issues with a fellow volunteer or field assistant.
19) Collaborate with the Biologist and RPT staff in planning community outreach activities.
20) Meet with MINAET officials, the Coast Guard and the Tourist Police officer on site to coordinate the work of field, participation in the walks.
21) Participate in meetings concerning the project.
22) Collaborate with the Biologist in preparing the final report of the season.

The profile: We are looking for people with a background in biology or similar career. Experience in Sea Turtle conservation/research work a plus but not necessary. Spanish language skills a plus but not required. Must Be Fit- Requires lots of walking and physical labor in tropical conditions.
Free Room and Board (Food). Travel while working for the project will be covered. You must get yourself To/From Costa Rica and Reserva Playa Tortuga.
Additional Contact Information
To Contact or Send Us your CV: Alexia Maizel- Director RPT or Project Biologist Oscar Brenes. or 011-506-2786-5200.