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SurAfrica-Volunteer and Research Intern scheme

Opportunities to work with sharks, whales and other marine species

Dyer Island Conservation Trust, with our eco-tourism partners Marine Dynamics Tours and Dyer Island Cruises, is offering unique year-round opportunities to work with Great White Sharks, Southern Right Whales (from July-December) and the other marine species in the seas at the southern tip of Africa.

These programmes include significant time spent on our three boats Shark Fever (a cage diving vessel); Whale Whisperer; and, the Trusts new research boat, Lwazi (seeking knowledge). Every boat is accompanied by one of our resident marine biologists.

The ocean around Dyer Island offers significant opportunities for research as it is home to the most dense population of Great White Sharks. Also from July-December each year the bay is a vitally important breeding habitat for large numbers of the endangered Southern Right Whale. Additionally, there are resident populations of thousands of seals and sea-birds as well as resident dolphins.

The new scheme is unique in this marine area as it offers specific opportunities to both Volunteers (seeking short-term experience) as well as Research Interns working on specific academic projects and who wish to stay for a longer time.

Volunteers work with our resident team of marine biologists and experienced boat captains in eco-tourism and on our a number of on-going research projects involving sharks, whales, seal, African penguins and dolphins.

Research interns have significant boat-based opportunities for data collection and are offered a curriculum specifically adapted to their individual needs. All Research Interns are mentored by marine biologists from the team who are working with a number of universities.

The number of places on both schemes is limited to ensure that every participant gains the most from their time with us.

See our website www.dict.org.za for more information or to download the prospectus or brochure
Last Date to apply: January 24, 2013
Website: http://www.dict.org.za
Contact: Tracey Fourie
E-mail: tracey@sharkwatchsa.com(Preferred)