lunes, 18 de enero de 2010

Volunteer research experience in the Peruvian Amazon

We are pleased to announce volunteer placements with Fauna Forever Tambopata, a long-term eco-tourism and wildlife monitoring project based in and around Tambopata National Reserve, a biodiversity hotspot located at the base of the Andes in western Amazonia. This is a perfect experience for students taking a semester off, recent graduates, or anyone who would like to gain tropical field experience in mammal, avian, and insect research and monitoring.

The project operates in Phases, volunteers are invited to apply for one or more phases
Phase 3: January 24 - March 4
Phase 4: March 10 - April 18
Phase 5: April 24 - June 2
Phase 6: June 8 - July 17
Phase 7: July 23 - August 31

Please see or email for more information.


Ashley Anne Wick
Insect Team Coordinator
Fauna Forever Tambopata

For more info, contact:

Ashley Anne Wick