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Marine Mammal Internships 2010-2011

Marine Mammal Research Internships 2010-2011

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The Whale Center of New England, located in Gloucester, MA, is a non-profit research organization involved with the study of the behavior, ecology, and natural history of the whales and dolphins found in the waters off of Massachusetts. The Whale Center is also heavily involved with habitat conservation and education programs. We are currently looking to fill research internships for the Summer (May 24 - August 20) and Fall (August 16 - December 17) semesters of 2010, and Spring (January 31 - May 27) semesters of 2011. Please note: All positions are filled in the spring of each year.

The Whale Center of New England internship provides experience needed to further pursue fields in marine biology and animal behavior. It is our goal to provide college students and recent graduates with the opportunity to collect valuable information important to the marine mammal field and to see how this information is used in management and conservation efforts in this area. Each internship session offers different experiences in marine mammal science that will depend on the season. These duties may include, but are not limited to: extensive photo-identification and computer work (training provided), field data collection aboard commercial whale watching vessels and our 42’ research vessel The Mysticete, attendance at necropsies (whale autopsies), marine mammal stranding response, harbor seal surveys and attendance at conferences and meetings.

The internship fee is $1250 and in return interns will receive housing in Gloucester within walking distance to the office and boats. A common apartment is used, where interns live together and share cooking and cleaning duties. Rooms are shared with one other person. A living arrangement such as this is conductive to open discussion and interaction between peers and home life is often a continuation of the day in the field. Also, college credit may be arranged by the student through their department or as an independent research program at their college or university. The Whale Center of New England encourages this, and will take whatever steps are required to facilitate such efforts.

Internship applicants should have the following:
* A background in biology, zoology, or related field
* Some knowledge of research methods and design
* An ability to work, live and communicate well with others
* Enthusiasm and dedication to work long days (sometimes 12 hours or more) in the field or office
* Completed their freshmen year at the time of application

In order to apply for an internship: please send a resume, a cover letter detailing your reason(s) for applying, one letter of reference, and an updated transcript. Once your application has been received, an interview will be arranged. In-person interviews are preferred, necessitating travel to Gloucester, MA, during one of two weekends in March 2010 (to be determined at a later date). All applications must be submitted by March 1, 2010. Applicants should note which semesters they are applying for (a single application may enter an applicant into the pool for more than one session, in case they are not selected for their first choice). All positions are highly competitive. Because of an increased work calendar during the summer session, volunteer positions are also available.

Application materials and questions regarding the internship should be directed to the intern coordinator: Jenn Tackaberry

For more info, contact:

Jennifer Tackaberry
P.O. Box 159
Gloucester, MA 01930
978-281-6351 (office)
978-281-5666 (fax)