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Wildlife Research Internship: Brazil

We are offering an exciting position to those seeking to study one of ten animals of the Pantanal in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil. This opportunity is for serious students looking for research and field experience.
The Pantanal is an expansive, ecologically rich area of seasonally flooded wetlands the size of the UK. Unlike the Amazon jungle, the wide open spaces of the Pantanal give rise to incredible opportunities to view species of wildlife which are normally difficult to see, such as the elusive jaguar.
You will have the opportunity to participate in independent research while living at Posada Santa Tereza, a beautiful and cozy lodge located adjacent to the vibrant Pixiam River. This area is home to a multitude of rare species, including Giant River Otters and ocelots. The lodge is owned and operated by Charles Munn of SouthWild, an ecotourism organization which promotes conservation throughout South America. Munn is a renowned conservation biologist responsible for the creation of over 6 million hectares of national parks in Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador.
This opportunity is offered to only 1-2 students at a time for periods of 4-12 weeks. Lengths can be adjusted depending on the nature of the research proposal and obligations to your university however, students cannot stay past the duration of their tourist visa.

Expectations: You must be prepared to devote your time professionally to your work in an organized, self-driven manner. You must be prepared for regular check-ins concerning the progress of your research. You will also be expected to give a short but well thought out presentation on a nightly basis for staff and guests at the lodge on local fauna and flora. Finally, students must be prepared devote up to one hour per day to teaching English to a member of staff. You may select one of the following charismatic Brazilian species and prepare a proposal for a research project:
•Jabiru Stork
•Giant River Otter
•Giant Anteater

Salary: None - Free Room and Board

Start Date: 12/07/2015
Qualifications: •Must be currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate school
•Must be in good academic standing with a 3.5 GPA / 2ii or above
•Must be very professional and self-motivated
•Must be fluent in English
•Must have up-to-date travel insurance

There is no fee to apply or attend or attend this program. Room and board will be covered throughout the duration of stay. There is also the possibility that budget may be covered for research costs, or we may be able to provide equipment, depending on your needs. Brazilian law prohibits capture or physical interference with wild animals, so please keep this in mind when designing your proposal. It is recommended that you have an academic advisor to oversee your progress, so that you may earn either academic, internship, or research credit through your university. Please prepare the following documents in order to apply:
•Cover letter
•Two academic references and one professional reference
•Transcript or other official document from your university
•Complete research proposal for one of the ten animals listed

Send documents to: info.southwild@gmail.comPlease email with any questions or concerns.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Website: http://www.southwild.com/

Contact: Casey Ambrose, info.southwild@gmail.com