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Wildlife Rehabilitation Manager- Hawaii

The mission of the Hawai’i Wildlife Center (HWC), a nonprofit organization, is to protect, conserve, and aid in the recovery of Hawai‘i's native wildlife through hands–on treatment, research, training, science education and cultural programs. The HWC will provide for the best achievable medical and husbandry care for reported sick, injured and orphaned indigenous and endemic wildlife, including those affected by natural and man-made disasters, returning those successfully treated back to the wild. Our wildlife service area extends more than 1,000 nautical miles, up to and including the Papahnaumokukea Marine National Monument, which covers roughly 140,000 square miles of islets, reefs and waters, an area larger than all of America’s National Parks combined.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Manager is responsible to efficiently develop and manage animal care operations at HWC and maintain the highest quality of care possible. The HWC hospital specializes in the care of over 70 different species and subspecies of native birds and the Hawaiian hoary bat. This is an excellent opportunity to work for a brand new and exciting one of a kind wildlife conservation, response and rehabilitation organization in the Pacific islands region. You will be able to play an important role in the preservation of Hawai’i’s native wildlife, its natural richness and cultural heritage.
The Rehabilitation Manager reports directly to the Center Director. Candidates must able to handle individual animals in a caring, safe and humane manner. Work maturely and respectfully with diverse groups of people and maintain high quality customer/public relations. Be skilled at conflict management to support the office administration staff with challenging phone calls or walk-in customers as needed. Communicate clearly about HWC’s mission, the care and treatment of animals, and the safety of the public and other employees. And represent HWC professionally at all times. Candidates should possess the ability to act decisively regarding constantly changing animal cases and situations for which there may be no existing protocols. Work quickly, efficiently and calmly under stressful conditions and be able to handle multiple responsibilities. Keen interest in wildlife conservation issues is a must. Leadership, management skills and a team player mentality are vital in working cooperatively with HWC’s small staff. Exceptional verbal and written communication skills are essential. An understanding of Hawai‘i and its people is preferred. Candidates must be willing and able to travel Statewide and nationally on occasion.

•Train and supervise animal care staff to set and maintain high quality of care standards, develop and refine species protocols and oversee rehabilitation treatment plans including, but not limited to, nutritional aspects (diets and formulas fed), pre-release conditioning, housing, release preparation, etc.
•Assists animal care staff with day-to-day care of animals. Oversee and move animals through the rehabilitation process in a timely manner, and ensure that animal care needs are being met.
•Work closely with the wildlife veterinary team to carry out care plans and determine final disposition of animals undergoing veterinary care. Provides medical team with assistance as needed.
•Work with animal care staff to determine final disposition of wild patients, to evaluate and ensure timely and appropriate release of all wildlife patients.
•Keep Center Director apprised of animal intake, in-house patients and their status, animal care needs, quality of animal care, patient procedures and programmatic needs.
•Ensure that animals are being handled in a manner that maximizes human and animal safety and that staff are trained and following safety procedures.
•Monitor and identify enclosure and facility construction and maintenance needs, and assist in planning future wildlife rehabilitation operations.
•Ensure that protocols for infection control are being followed by animal care staff.
•Maintain inventory and oversee the purchasing of animal diets and rehabilitation supplies within budget guidelines.
•Directly supervise the scheduling, daily activities and performance of wildlife rehabilitators, interns and volunteers.
•Maintain open lines of communication, including routine wildlife staff meetings.
•Develop, implement, and coordinate rehabilitation staff training program. Work with Volunteer Manager to develop, implement and coordinate volunteer and intern training programs.
•Remain current and assist in keeping staff current on rehabilitation methods and captive care of wildlife through literature review, attending courses and conferences, meetings and workshops, presenting papers for publication, and networking with the rehabilitation community.
•Oversee smooth and accurate operation of wildlife database and compile and analyze animal intake statistics for various reporting needs.
•Oversee animal care health records and documentation of daily animal care.
•Assist Center Director in the development of annual state and federal wildlife reports together with the administration staff.
•Assist Center Director and other members of the wildlife management team with written policies and procedures as needed.
•Develop and implement rehabilitation research as needed.

Compensation: SALARY: Commensurate with experience.

Duration: Open

Qualifications: •Must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited university, or equivalent experience.
•Must have a minimum of two years experience working full time in a wildlife rehabilitation center or equivalent animal care facility with at least one year of supervisory experience. Must have experience working with a wide variety of wild birds. Must have considerable knowledge of wildlife rehabilitation.
•Must be able to make euthanasia decisions and perform euthanasia procedures.
•Must be willing and able to work daily with wild animals and have a good understanding of natural history and wild animal behavior.
•Must have knowledge and experience in wildlife medicine equivalent to a veterinary technician level (be able to take radiographs, perform lab work, physical exams, take blood, give intravenous and subcutaneous fluids, initiate treatment, calculate doses and administer drugs, perform anesthesia and assist in surgery). Candidates with a registered veterinary technician or relevant medical background preferred.
•Must be capable of achieving a masters banding permit.
•Must have or be able to obtain a valid Hawaii Drivers License with no record of major or repeated minor traffic offenses.
•Must be able to lift a minimum of 25 pounds of weight
•Must be legally entitled to work in the United States of America

To Apply: Please email cover letter, resume, and three references to info@hawaiiwildlifecenter.org

Website: http://www.hawaiiwildlifecenter.org/