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Long term volunteer assistant (8 weeks minimum, 2 - 3 month stay preferred) - Peru

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Long term volunteer assistant (8 weeks minimum, 2 - 3 month stay preferred) at Tambopata Macaw

Volunteer activities: You will be trained to identify all parrots by sight and sound, monitor the clay lick, conduct parrot censuses, locate foraging parrots and enter data. General requirements: Volunteers should be self-disciplined, responsible, enthusiastic, and patient. You should also be able to tolerate moderate insect levels, and hot weather (85-90F/30-33C with high humidity). You must also be able to get along well with others in a remote field setting. Additional requirements: Good physical condition, able to carry a 40 lb (18 kg) pack over moderate terrain for up to 2 km, no fear of heights. Costs: Volunteers must pay their transportation to Peru (Puerto Maldonado City) and a fee of $20 per day to cover the cost of food and lodging

Previous field work experience Biology/Ecology/Forestry degree or Senior Students (or similar careers) Some knowledge of Spanish (not required but helpful)

Volunteers assistantship position

To apply please send an email to This email should contain the following: 1.A letter of interest explaining why you are want to work on the project 2.Your CV or resume 3.Email addresses for at least 3 references 4.The range of dates when you will be available and how long you can participate. For example you may say something like “any 60 day period between March and July 2013”. For more information please check: