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High School students in the Galapagos Islands.

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This is a paid summer position to work with High School students in the Galapagos Islands. Must be available June - August. Must meet all qualifications.

In the GLA experience, bright students connect with accomplished mentors. This is because our staff are not chaperones; they’re experts and they work directly alongside our local counterparts as a unified team. International Director and Mentor positions are available in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Each program has 1 International Director (usually, American, Canadian or British) and 1 Local Program Director (from the host country). Program Directors work together to maintain the safety and health of each student, ensure the daily travel and program logistics are properly coordinated, and implement GLA’s service-learning leadership curriculum. Communication, teamwork, and flexibility are critical throughout this process. International Directors are also responsible for managing, supporting, and guiding Mentors in their roles. Local Directors are responsible for managing, supporting, and guiding local team members in their roles.

Participate fully in GLA Director Training including:
Read and prepare questions on all resources provided by GLA
Participate in introductory and planning calls with your Local Program Director
Attend in-person Director Training in San Diego (April 16-19, 2015)

Participate and/or lead introductory and planning calls with Mentors
Co-lead In-Country Training with Local Program Director
Work to establish positive team dynamic with Local *Program Director, Mentors, and all support staff
Support Mentors in their own professional development by conducting check ins, feedback, and goal setting sessions
Live alongside students; you have responsibility for the students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while programs are in operation
Protect the health and safety of students at all times
Facilitate the implementation of GLA’s service-learning leadership curriculum
Guide students through personal growth experiences
Resolve student discipline issues
Manage parent communications
Provide constructive feedback for further program and curriculum development

Bachelors degree
Minimum of three years of experience teaching in a classroom or alternative education setting with teens.
Extensive international travel experience
Strong interpersonal skills and cross-cultural awareness
Good physical health and ability to actively participate in all elements of the experience
Ability to motivate and energize students in a variety of settings and situations
Fluent in Spanish for (programs in Spanish speaking countries)
Red Cross CPR and First Aid Certification (candidates who are not Red Cross certified will be required to become certified at their own expense before programs begin).
*Note: GLA does not accept online CPR/First Aid Certifications.
International Directors must hold a Wilderness First Responder certification prior to their contract start date.
Masters degree in Education, International Development, Anthropology, or a related field
Extensive experience in the country or region where you are interested in working
Advanced language skills in a language of the country where you are interested in working
For Mentors - Wilderness First Responder and/or Open Water Lifeguard Certification

You must be available for the full range of dates to apply for a position within a program. The online application form lists the dates International Directors must be available. Mentors will arrive two days later. Departure dates will be the same for both Mentors and Directors.

Please read through and complete the application on our website: will be asked to upload your resume, cover letter, and references on the application. Your cover letter should highlight your experience in facilitating experiential education programs, youth development and leadership, and experience in the country or region where you are interested in working. Positions are competitive, so we recommend applying early.