jueves, 25 de septiembre de 2014

ReefDoctor Madagascar, position of Volunteer Project Coordinator

ReefDoctor, a volunteer-based, marine conservation NGO working in the Bay of Ranobe, southwest Madagascar, is currently accepting candidates for the position of Volunteer Project Coordinator for its base of operations located in Ifaty, Madagascar. The starting date for this position is immediate.

The Volunteer Project Coordinator’s primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Project Management
• Managing day-to-day operations and logistics of the volunteer program, including, but
not limited to:
o Management of electricity, water, the preparation of meals and general hygiene;
o Ensuring the general maintenance and up-keep of lodging, infrastructure and
equipment (e.g. generators, outboard engines, etc.);
• Plan, prepare, and track weekly purchasing of supplies;
• Management of security.

Volunteer Program
• Coordination of the arrivals of new volunteers/interns/employees and their
introduction/orientation to the site;
• Managing and coordinating the progression of volunteers/interns through the
ReefDoctor volunteer program (i.e. dive training, science training, integration of
volunteers into on-going projects);
• Organize weekly planning meetings, and any additional staff meetings as necessary
to resolve issues/conflicts;

Personnel Management
• Manage employees hired under the Volunteer Program (e.g. Dive Officers, Science
Officers, Alternative Activities).

• Ensure the timely preparation of the ReefDoctor quarterly newsletter, Resources;
• Encourage volunteers/interns to contribute photos and essays to the ReefDoctor Blog;
• Provide translations of ReefDoctor promotional material as needed.

General Responsibilities

• Enforce and improve upon all ReefDoctor rules, regulations and protocols.

Qualifications and desired skills
• Experience living or working in a developing country,
• Educational background in conservation biology, international development, logistics
and/or management,
• Experience working with engines, generators and/or outboards is highly desirable,
• Proficiency in French and/or Malagasy,
• Experience in managing or coordinating projects and managing staff,
• Ability to communicate effectively in a multicultural environment.

We are seeking an energetic and enthusiastic individual to become part of our small team based in Ifaty, Madagascar. A strong work ethic, positive attitude, ability to effectively communicate, and a willingness to lend a hand whenever and wherever required are attributes essential for the continued success of any employee as part of the ReefDoctor team.

• A monthly stipend (300,000 Ariary),
• On-site lodging and meals,
• On-site health expense coverage,
• A £500 contribution to travel/health insurance,
• A £500 contribution to travel expenses upon successful completion of a one-year

This position is an excellent opportunity for a candidate who is interested in pursuing a career in international development/marine conservation and gain hands-on, field experience in the management of a nonprofit organization. A minimum of a one-year commitment is required, with the option for renewal.

Contact Information:
Interested candidates should send a CV with portrait photo, cover letter, and contact information to: info.reefdoctor@gmail.com by September 30th. Candidates retained after the first round of selections will be contacted by October 6th.