jueves, 25 de septiembre de 2014

Asistentes de Campo. Jamaica.

We're looking for field technicians to work on a study of American Redstarts, Yellow Warblers, and Ovenbirds in Jamaica. Project dates are approximately January 10th to May 15th. Assistants can expect 8-10 hours in the field, six days per week, walking in flooded mangrove forests sometimes inhabited by crocodiles and maneuvering through dense and thorny second growth scrub. Flexibility with hot, buggy working conditions, work schedule, and living situation is absolutely key to success at this position. Competitive applicants will be very self-motivated, have the ability to re-sight and follow tiny color-banded birds and extract songbirds quickly and safely from mist nets. Experience collecting foraging behavioral data on small songbirds and banding and bleeding experience are all preferred, but not required. The majority of field work (80%) will involve mapping warbler territories, but will also include some banding, vegetation measurements, and data entry. This is an all-expenses paid volunteer position (i.e., no salary, but travel to and from Jamaica as well as home-cooked Jamaican food and comfortable seaside lodging are provided). Our funding agency has encouraged us to promote "broadening participation in biology", so we strongly encourage applicants from underrepresented groups (particularly if Jamaican or otherwise Caribbean) to apply. Non-U.S. citizens may apply but we can only cover airfare from North America or the Caribbean to Jamaica. We are also considering hiring a Yellow Warbler crew leader who would receive a stipend (approx. $200/ week); if you feel you are particularly well qualified, please note your interest in the crew leader position and whether you would still be interested in the field assistant position if you are not selected as the crew leader. Crew leader applicants should have strong organizational skills, experience in an independent field leadership role and be proficient at target netting and banding small songbirds. Send an email with the subject “Jamaican Field Assistant” or "Jamaican Crew Leader" to Mer Mietzelfeld (SetophagaPetechia@gmail.com) by October 6th, 2014. There should be only one PDF attached called LastnameFirstname.pdf that includes the following: 1)a one page max cover letter, 2)a resume/CV, and 3)contact info for 3 references.

Contact Information:
Mer Mietzelfeld - SetophagaPetechia@gmail.co