sábado, 30 de marzo de 2013

Coordinator National Replenishment Zones Expansion Project- Belize

WCS seeks a Coordinator to assist with a project to finalize a national plan for the expansion of fisheries replenishment zones, establish the structure and partnerships to take the plan forward, and organize and coordinate the activities of the partners to implement and fulfill the objectives of the plan.

Summary of Position:
The primary role of the Project Coordinator, who will be based in the WCS office in Belize City, is to lead and manage the activities of the Replenishment Zones Expansion Project in Belize that is being implemented by WCS and its partners, under the guidance and supervision of the Project Steering Committee. The Project Coordinator will serve as the WCS focal point for collaboration of NGO and government agency partners in implementing the project. The Project Coordinator will report directly to the WCS Country Director.

The Coordinator will be responsible for:
• Facilitate design of a collaborative project for replenishment zones expansion, including: vision, objectives, targets and indicators for approval by the Project Steering Committee
• Develop at the outset a two-year work plan of activities to be implemented, ensuring project benchmarks are met according to the work plan timetable, and activities are coordinated with other partner-led aspects of the project
• Support and monitor the work of the WCS project consultants
• Serve as secretary to the Project Steering Committee
• Report on project progress to the Country Director and the Project Steering Committee
• Represent the Project on the various sub committees of the Steering Committee and report on committee meetings
• Help to coordinate all aspects of the project and facilitate partnerships with other agencies and organizations as required
• Assist in project reporting to donors
• Arrange logistical support for all WCS-related project activities where necessary, including support for the consultants
• Lead consultations with stakeholders as required and attend relevant meetings and workshops

Required Qualifications and Experience
• At least a Masters Degree in marine science and/or natural resources management, or related field
• Excellent knowledge of the marine environment and marine protected areas management, and a thorough understanding of marine conservation issues in Belize, as well as the existing legal and management framework
• Proven ability in the management of marine conservation projects, particularly those involving indicator-based multi-institutional processes
• Excellent writing and public communication skills
• Strong interpersonal skills with experience in networking with partners and coordinating activities towards a common goal
• Experience in conducting consultations with a range of stakeholders

Applications, along with two letters of reference, should be submitted to the Country Director, Wildlife Conservation Society, Belize, 1775 Coney Drive, P.O. Box 768, Belize City, Belize. The deadline for receipt of applications is the 31st March, 2013.

Please also apply online at www.wcs.org