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Field Assistants January 16-March 31, 2009 on Pacific coast of Costa Rica

Field Assistants January 16-March 31, 2009 on Pacific coast of Costa Rica

Volunteer Opportunity

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Contact: Alec Hutchinson
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January 16-March 31, 2009


Playa Caletas, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Background Information

At each of PRETOMA’s projects, committed field staff in the form of Field Coordinators and Assistants are critical to the season’s success. Timeframes range from 2.5 to 5 months, depending on site, and each project has its own special points and challenges. Below you will find information pertaining to these Field Coordinator (FC) and Field Assistant (FA) positions.


Field Assistant (FAs):

FAs are being selected for our extremely remote project at Playa Caletas. Project personnel are usually the only people on the beach and project activities are based out of an encampment which consists of large communal tents, beds, a cooking area, solar panels, an outhouse, a well and a project hatchery. The camp is rustic and not for the faint of heart and FAs should be prepared to live a “Robinson Crusoe” lifestyle. It is crucial that selected FAs bring a positive attitude to the project, be adaptable to a variety of situations and be prepared to partake in ALL aspects of the project.

Sea turtle work includes conducting night patrols to identify, measure and tag all adult turtles, relocate nests into hatcheries or mark them in situ, daily early morning walks to count turtle tracks and check status of in situ nests, monitor hatcheries around the clock, release hatchlings and conduct post hatching nest excavations.

Beside sea turtle duties, FAs will need to partake in food administration and cooking duties, as well as camp/hatchery upkeep and construction, which can include carrying heavy logs, shoveling sand, hammering nails, plant control and other strenuous physical activities.

Having said all that, FAs can also expect to have a bed to sleep in, to work with a group of 6-8 diverse individuals from around the world, to live in an amazing camp right on a remote sea turtle nesting beach surrounded by diverse flora and fauna, to participate in the conservation of an endangered species, to gain biological research and leadership experience, and to make memories that will last a lifetime. Volunteering at Playa Caletas is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

FAs are expected to stay at the project site for the entire period for which they are selected.


Preference will be given to potential applicants that meet the following requirements:

* Independent, reliable and responsible.
* Motivated, positive and adaptable to unexpected situations.
* Ability to undertake physical labor during night and day in heat and rain.
* Comfortable in an isolated setting and working in a team setting.
* Previous experience working in the outdoors (especially with sea turtles).
* Strong interpersonal communication skills.
* Advanced student or recent graduate in biological sciences or related fields.
* Available for the duration of the position for which applying.


FAs have their food and lodging expenses covered while with the project, but are expected to plan and finance all travel to and from the project sites.

Additional Contact Information

Application Process

To apply, send an email which includes:

* Cover letter indicating:
o Time frame(s) you are applying for.
o Why you are interested in the position(s).
o Your personal strong points.
* CV/Resume
* Email addresses of two personal references

To: Alec Hutchinson
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