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Turtle Trax SA is a Costa Rican coordinator positions

For our upcoming 2016 sea turtle nesting season we are looking for dedicated people to coordinate our four nesting sites. All coordinator positions are only open to people who have had previous experience working with sea turtles and have extensive knowledge of patrolling, scientific data collection and hatchery work, including performing excavations of nests. They must have excellent leadership skills and priority will be given to those that can speak fluent Spanish and English.

All project sites are very remote, thus a coordinator must have a high degree of independence, responsibility and commitment. Coordinators are expected to maintain a friendly relationship with all project volunteers and research assistants, in addition to members from local communities, as positive social relationships are crucial to each project's success.

All project activities are conducted using the help of volunteer program participants and/or research assistants, depending on the project. Coordinators are expected to orientate and direct project workers upon their arrival and motivate them for the duration of their stay with the project. Project coordinators are responsible for the overall success of the project.

Background Information
Turtle Trax SA is a Costa Rican company that runs four sea turtle nesting beach conservation projects in partnership with PRETOMA, a Costa Rican NGO. The focus of the projects is to protect sea turtle nests from poaching and depredation by conducting night patrols and relocating nests to the project hatcheries. The projects are funded through a combination of the volunteer program and private donations. Each project a team of one coordinator, two to six 3-month term research assistants, and short-term volunteers.

We have four beach projects on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula: Caletas, Costa de Oro, San Miguel, and Corozalito.

Caletas: June 21, 2016 - February 28th, 2017
Costa de Oro: June 21 - December 10
San Miguel: June 26 - December 15
Corozalito: June 26 - December 15

Volunteer management:
Coordinators are responsible for receiving all volunteers to the project site. They are expected to welcome each volunteer and show them around the station house. Coordinators must divide the work equally among all project participants and ensure that each participant receives one day off a week.
Managing volunteers is often the hardest part of the job as we receive high number of volunteers all from different areas of the world with different personalities. Coordinators must ensure that each volunteer is looked after for the duration of their stay, and are always on hand to answer any questions they may have.
Training new volunteers in all aspects of the turtle work:
• Presentation upon arrival explaining past and present work
• How to take and record data accurately on patrols
• Finding turtle tracks at night
• Finding nests
• Identifying different nesting events
• Replicating nests
• How to work within the hatchery
• Identify when a nest is going to hatch
• How to carry out nest excavations
• Releasing baby turtles

General project responsibilities:
• Maintenance of the station house
• Maintenance of all project equipment
• Updating food lists and ordering fresh fruit and vegetables
• Daily imputing of all data from patrols and hatchery
• Patrol schedules
• Cleaning and cooking schedules
• Coordinating arrival and departure of volunteers
• Promoting the involvement of the local communities within the project and initiating community activities
• Taking tourists out on patrol

Coordinators must report back to project directors regularly, giving updates on the overall health of the project

MUST have previous experience working at a sea turtle nesting beach conservation project. Priority will be given to those that are fluent in English and Spanish, and have a Bachelors in biological/environmental sciences.

Specific requirements for each project:
Caletas: must be willing to live in a very rustic environment with basic equipment. Can resolve minor problems and keep a positive attitude at all times.
Costa de Oro: as it is our newest project, it is essential that the project coordinator interacts within the local community to promote the conservation of sea turtles at this beach. Previous experience managing volunteers, supervising all daily schedules including household duties.
San Miguel: as this project receives the highest number of volunteers throughout the nesting season, the coordinator needs to have had experience managing volunteers. He/she must have excellent people skills, be patient and accommodating and always on hand to answer volunteer questions and organise daily schedules.
Corozalito: must have excellent people skills to interact with the local community, organise work within the local school and manage research assistants at the project. Coordinators at this site are also responsible for project logistics and organising and delegating daily household duties.

Project Coordinators will receive a $200/month stipend and have their food and lodging expenses covered while with the project. Travel expenses are not covered. Coordinators receive 1 day off per week and 1 week off half-way through the season to renew their visa.

Additional Contact Information
Please see our website for more information about the projects and positions at To apply for this position please send the following to Maddie Beange at

• Cover letter indicating:
- Project you are applying for.
- Why you are interested in the position(s).
- Your personal strong points.
• CV/Resume
• Two professional or academic references

After you have submitted your application we will contact you for an interview, (these are usually done on Skype). You will then receive an email indicating if you have been accepted for the position.