miércoles, 2 de octubre de 2013

Tecnicos en Las Bahamas.

Field technicians (2) needed for a study of Prairie Warblers and other birds on San Salvador Island, The Bahamas.
One technician is needed (dates tentative) between Dec. 28th 2013 – Feb. 24th 2014. Another technician is needed (dates tentative) between Jan. 24th – March 23rd 2014. Primary activities will be constant effort and target mist netting, banding passerine birds (including some blood sampling), and re-sighting color banded birds. We most likely will catch around 35-40 migratory and resident species. Other work includes cutting net lanes and trails, setting up and taking down nets, vegetation and insect surveys, insect sorting, and data entry. Work will be done in thorny, dense vegetation, usually in hot, very sunny conditions. We will be staying at the Gerace Research Centre, (http://www.geraceresearchcentre.com/), in the company of other research and student groups, with a beautiful pristine beach as the backyard. All room and board fees at the Gerace Research Centre will be paid for, however airfare to San Salvador is the responsibility of the technician. Although we have funding for room and board for 2 field technicians, we would also welcome more volunteers (such as those with less previous experience) who would be willing to pay their own way. Volunteers will get hands-on experience, such as extracting songbirds from nets and banding many species of migratory birds. These volunteers would have to pay their own way, including airfare to San Salvador, and room and board fees at the Gerace Research Station ($45/day). You can volunteer anytime from December 28 – March 26, although to qualify for the $45/day rate, you must stay for 30 days within this time frame (otherwise it’s $65/day). For these fully volunteer positions, please contact me only if you are seriously considering paying your own way, which for example, a 30-day stay amounts to $1350 plus airfare. To Apply:
Please send a short cover letter, resume/CV, and contact information (name, phone number, and email address) for 3 references to Mike Akresh (EM: mike.akresh AT gmail.com). Qualifications:
Ideal applicants will be very good at re-sighting color-banded songbirds and have previous banding experience. Applicants must have a strong work ethic, be able to work well with others, follow directions well, and be in very good physical condition. One study plot requires a 3 km walk, while carrying netting gear and poles. Work schedule will be 6 days a week. Applicants should be prepared for long days in the field (8-11 hrs/day).